Bilbao-Water-Sanitation-PlanDeveloping citizen friendly and economically viable cities is an urban initiative by the Government of India. Cities are engines of economic growth, and it is anticipated that 40% of India’s population will live in cities by 2030. With the rapid rise in the proportion of people living in urban areas, there is an increasing requirement for sustainable cities.

The event supports the Prime Minister’s vision of Smart Cities and focused on “Smarter solutions for a better tomorrow”. The expo connected exhibitors and speakers with government administrators, municipal bodies, industry leaders, investors, etc., who have interest in developing smart cities. Focused on smart governance, smart energy, smart environment, smart ICT, smart mobility, smart buildings, etc., the conference deliberated on aspects pertaining to clean water; efficient solid waste management; improved low emission public transport; proliferation of electric and hybrid vehicles for private use; clean energy for smart buildings; etc.The objective is to provide public services for private benefit – creating a partnership between the government and its citizens.

Bilbao Urban & Cities Design” was selected as speaker to take part in a panel session related to Drinking Water & Sanitation, together with Shlri Keshav Chandra, IAS, CEO, Delhi Jal Board and 6 other speakers. In this ocassion, Xabier Arruza member of the Advisory Council took part with the topic “Bilbao Water Sanitation Plan”, comprising the experience of the Sanitation Plan carried on during last 30 years to clean the river estuary of Bilbao, after redundant pollution from the former industrial activity and the recovery of the river Banks where industrial facilities use to be located, reconverting in new urban spaces for citizens, opening the city to the river again, with an estimated investment of 1 billion Euros.