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The spatial component is critical in human behavior of all kinds. Where we live, work, enjoy leisure and how we travel to do so defines who and how we are. 

At Unica analytics we generate and analyze territorial data with high precision and granularity with advanced analytical techniques to classify, interpret and predict human behaviors in the territory.

Urban planning, transport, commercial distribution, logistics are sectors in which we apply our analytical methodologies and mathematical simulation techniques, in two service modalities:



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Pedestrian and vehicular traffic simulation

As part of the microdata datasets that we offer as a product, we have developed traffic estimates of pedestrians and vehicles for each of the 8 million stretches of road in Spain.
From 4 types of origins and 4 types of destinations, and using Monte Carlo techniques, we simulate hundreds of millions of possible routes, which are organized around certain statistical distributions.

  • origins : {residential, work, accommodation, public transport}.
  • destinations : {commercial/leisure, hospitality, transport, tourism}.

The result is the 16 origin-destination commuting matrices resulting from the above combinatorics.

This “multi-layer” result allows immediate customization of the model in projects that require it, making it very easy to “tune” the simulation to suit a wide range of urban problems and business applications.

Online application for estimating the demand and optimal location of sports facilities for Diputació de Barcelona

To solve the problem of deciding the need for publicly owned sports facilities and their optimal location:
Statistical modeling for, from micro-territorial data of resident and working population, to develop models of need and demand for public sports facilities, by type of practice:
Model of estimation of sports practices, through prevalences by age, gender, level of studies.
Model of coverage of the current network, as number of accessible facilities for each of the 150,000 grids of 100 meters in the province of Barcelona.
Model of social vulnerability and difficulty of access to public offer.
Development of online application with spatial analysis functionality to relate the network of facilities with the above mentioned demand models and generation of reports of demand covered by potential new locations.