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Air quality- Industry 4.0-Smart Products- IoT

Design services and manufacture of monitoring systems and wireless control, environmental instrumentation, sensors webs and operational intelligence that guaranties the information transmission and the use of it and allows further integration in some other systems.

Smart Environment:  Air quality monitoring, industrial emissions, acoustic pollution and other environmental factors through fast set up wireless devices.

Water & Utilities Management and remote control of infrastructure and water, gas, energy and mine resources, on an intelligent and efficient way, on real time even on distant, and for isolated and difficult sides.

Industry 4.0 Distributed assets control, operative processes and conditions on distant, isolated and difficult sides that allows remote management and configuration.

Smart Products IoT industrial solution with integrated OEM/PCB for intelligent products that allows, on real time  to capture and send information from machines, making easier  the management of those machines.



contact person

Miguel Escribano


Monitoring Engineer Services


15 workers


Orcoyen, 31160 Navarra


+ 34 848 47 00 55

Donostia - San Sebastian Air Quality


Knowing the importance of monitoring air quality and its impact on citizens life quality, we have install a KUNAK AIR station web to control and measure different pollutants as well as weather values on city’s diverse sites.

We also provide information about possible impact of traffic and near industries.  In order to do this, we measure the following values:  PM10, PM2,5, PM1, CO, H2S, NO2, O3 y SO2

Water level on Ebro River

On an area with the bigger flow in the country, it was necessary to control water level increase on those areas that many times get flood.  Therefore, devices should be ready to monitor and send data under any circumstance.

We also have configured an alert system to integrate Ebro Rivers Water Confederation (CHE) on the SCADA platform.  In order to do this we set up a KUNAK K-11 outside sensor web, providing a complete and autonomous solution.