Construcciones FHIMASA S.A.

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Based in Bilbao since 1967, Fhimasa has become a reference supplier in the construction sector.

We apply experience, innovation, technology and our technical means to guarantee quality and safety in all our services.

We have a team of more than 200 people working to build a sustainable and inclusive future.

We work in two independent but closely linked divisions:

-Work: building, civil works, urbanizations, water and sanitation pipelines….

-Public and private infrastructure maintenance services: reliable and efficient service networks, safe and inclusive roads and pedestrian areas…

Commitments to the surrounding: We are proactive and careful in building friendly cities, where it is easy to live. We are proactive in the value proposition, agile in project development and strive to have the least impact.

Commitments to the environment: We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 12) that work to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.



contact person

Rubén Fernández Luna


Street furniture and playground equipment


220 workers


Quintana, 5-exterior (Plaza del Gas). 48007 BILBAO


+ 34 944 422 012

Maintenance and Optimization of Drinking Water Supply System

What does a child want to do in a playground? Jump, run, climb… We know it, that’s why we’ve designed this playground with trampolines, slides, another burrow with tunnels and a climbing wall.

In addition, we have played with the colourful rubber, creating mountains for the little adventurers to climb up and down. Climb and play.

A fun place for the kids and a safe one for parents, as the materials are of high quality, the floor is made of rubber and there are pergolas to protect it from the sun on hot days.

Located in the PlanetOcio shopping centre in Villalba, Madrid, it is the ideal place to enjoy a family day out, don’t you think?


Our company actively participates in innovation projects, such as:


  • Rehaserv: Servitization of residential building rehabilitation with energy efficiency criteria.
  • Aqua-Iot: remote control and remote monitoring of drinking water systems using IoT technology (Internet of Things) and Big Data.
  • C3PO: Digitization of construction with 3D printing for the personalized design of urban environments.