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Neko is an industrial design firm specialized in innovation for the urban environment. Since 2005, our vision is to improve the world, collaborating in urban projects and adding value through design. We are passionate about public space and its power to transform communities.

We approach the design process holistically, taking all stages of product design from concept to implementation. The scope of projects undertaken is diverse and includes street furniture design, signage, cycling solutions and urban technology. In the architectural, engineering, urban design, manufacturing and public sectors, we work closely with our clients to ensure relevant and innovative solutions. We also support engineering and design teams, taking pressure off them and helping them to innovate faster.

Neko’s work has been honored with the world’s leading design awards, including a Red Dot, an iF Design Award and a SEGD Award. The international team works with clients all over the world, from offices in Valencia and Mexico City.



Alice Pegman / Hiroshi Ikenaga Melgoza


Industrial design


5 workers (variable according to project)


Valencia / Mexico City


+34 960 711 677 / 625 758 676


A key point of urban mobility is to connect the different modes of transport. Users must have easy access to public transport, and cycling is the perfect option. The Consellería del Medio Ambiente of Mexico City hired us to design cycling hubs to connect the metro with the cycling infrastructure.

The result is a hub with space for 80 bicycles in two-story racks, controlled access via metro card, CCTV and metadata collection. Being modular, it is easily adaptable to each site and its parking needs, and is much cheaper to implement than a permanent building.

The design was conceived according to the client’s specific requirements and offers both security, visibility and ventilation. We coordinated the fabrication to deliver the hub finished and operational. Several hubs of varying sizes have been built since 2016, adding more than 500 secure bike racks to the city.


Industrial design can add value and help technology products stand out in a competitive market. Our client Vixionere, specialists in urban mobility, hired us to design the housing and interface of their traffic solutions. The purpose was to optimize the user experience and the manufacturing process. In addition to creating a distinctive and unified image, enhancing their brand recognition.

We conducted extensive research with a panel of experts in the fields of mobility, traffic psychology, sociology and advertising. The final designs for traffic lights, speed cameras and information displays helped consolidate Vixionere’s position in the market, and were launched at the international Intertraffic expo.