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Leber is a  company focused on Mobility, Planning and Traffic Engineering.  We have a wide experience arranging city sustainable mobility plans, traffic and parking plans, public land space management, pedestrian areas, bike paths, road security management and public and different issues of environmental evaluation.

Our work is developed under a global vision that goes further than a specific problem, since our vocation as consulting company make us check if todays’ solutions may be future problems.   Our goal is to find the hard balance between traffic flow, urban quality, public transportation, pedestrian areas and parking policies.  This needs to be framed on a gradual search for city agreements trough many interests and views.




contact person

Iosu Ramírez Freire


Consultancy specialized on transportation, traffic and mobility engineering


7 workers


C/ Luis Bilbao Líbano 10, 2º A,

48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)


+ 34 944 64 33 55/ 636 49 70 74

Town Projects

Design of sustainable urban mobility plans in city/ towns such Bilbao, Getxo…etc, as well as follow -up actions in order to implement them.  Leber provides help on topics related to transportation, traffic, parking and mobility in cities like Bilbao, Getxo, Urduliz, Durango…etc.

Reorganization of city/town bus lines service, create and improve public spaces or build green waves of traffic lights (Getxo).  Execution also of different projects on various municipalities such a parking management, public transportation management, mobility management, reorganized traffic outline.  This is an example of Indautxu square.


  • Public Spaces and life quality. Encourage public transportation as an agent of change for an important urban improvement, as well as reduce the effects of urbanism and geography.
  • Parking. Considering that parking is the key to regulate traffic, our activity on parking management is focus in 3 ways:  residents’ parking, rotation parking and loading parking.  We analyzed various towns like Bilbao, Durango, Getxo, Beasain, Bergara…etc.
  • Public Transportation: A good public transportation provides an improvement of urban quality and attracts economic activity to the city center.  We have done analytic plans of traveler’s capacity and demand, as well as studies for public transportation bus lines reordering for Bizkaia Regional Government (Bizkaibus), Bilbobus, Barakaldo KBus, public transportation in Leioa…etc.
  • Traffic Engineering: Execution of various analyses, such as those for the Artxanda tunnels, analysis of different intersections for the Government of Navarre, microscopic and macroscopic traffic simulators, proposal for optimize traffic lighting and construction of green waves and specific traffic models.  Helping on the design of the new traffic outline for the entrance thru San Mames.
  • Other actions. Some work mobility studies execution for Bizkaia’s Technological Park, Miñano Technological Park( Alava), Zuatzu’s Technological Park, a plan for the entrance of Iruns’ industrial area…etc.  Design of proposals for cycling paths, road security plans, management of citizen participation and kids drawing programs.