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GUTRAM  it’s a company that manages and valorizates the industrial products and wastes.

Innovation and investment allows them to work and generate new ecosystems in construction and industry.

They extract, valorize, transport and commercialize new products, to which they give a second use. The landfill is their last option.

Their commitment in long term is contributing to curb climate change, but they also have a short term commitent: only by commercializing excellent new products, we will achieve a truly profitable circular economy.

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contact person

Jorge Gutierrez


Waste management (industry)


15 workers


Avenida Los Chopos, 49 bajo. 48500 Abanto


+34 650 791 072

Renowned Projects

Gutram is a partner in the consortium of companies (together with Excavaciones y obras de Diego-Belako) developing the TRacex digital platform. This project supported by the Basque Government, Ihobe and state ports, aims to digitize and facilitate the surplus of secondary materials (both from industry and construction), promoting their use, as well as improving the traceability of these by-products. This project is strategically aligned with the new waste prevention and management plan (PPGR 2030), as well as with the circular economy strategy of esukadi 2030 and the principles of the euopro green pact and the ODS.