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G&C Arquitectos is a common project formed by professionals with different profiles that are grouped together to offer their services.
The team maintains a continuous and open relationship with the aim of providing a quality service to its clients.
Its trajectory of more than 20 years covers the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape.
The quality of work, customer service and concern for design and sustainability have been essential factors in our professional development through projects of:

  • Residential buildings
  • Equipment buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Urbanization
  • Interior design
  • Urban furniture design

In the area of urbanism and planning we have prioritized accessibility, sustainability, landscape and urban design, present in our work:

  • Urban planning
  • Urban development
  • Urban and building analysis and viability
  • Landscaping and urban design
  • Consulting

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Marta Gonzalez Cavia


Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape


8 partners


C/ Abadetxe, 11, bajo 48180 Loiu



The common thread is to link all the spaces with the water, and to enhance the formal difference between the banks of Zorrotzaurre and San Ignacio in view of their different characteristics and dimensions. On the right bank the linearity is respected, the image of the current dock, norais, crane rails, concrete, the towpath that connected the municipalities of the right bank of the Nervión is restored. On the left bank the edge is broken, it “opens” to the canal with jetties and water channels that cross the island. The water enters the park, transforming the linearity of the old industrial route into something recreational. Activity nodes are also created to provide identity and be a reference for the new residential fabric.
From the point of view of sustainability, special attention has been paid to rainwater management. Runoff will be controlled and tank systems will be introduced for the accumulation of rainwater and its subsequent use for irrigation. In this way, sustainability and the creation of a space that configures identity for the new neighborhood around water have been the fundamental criteria on which the proposal has been based.

RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX IN GETXO (for Viviendas de Vizcaya)

The proposal is based on creating buildings integrated into the environment through the staggering of volumes, with an attractive image and quality, under environmental criteria and functional optimization.
– Creation of a pleasant environment with landscape quality, integrated into the orography of the site, through a volumetry adapted to it and vegetation.
– High quality housing, with double orientation, all rooms are exterior, taking advantage of the views, optimal sunlight, creation of large terraces facing south, and with visual amplitude to the outside.

– Bioclimatic architecture, which takes into account the conditions of the site, with a differentiated treatment between the facades with large windows and terraces to the south, and with contained openings and high thermal inertia facade to the north.
– Maximum energy efficiency in the design of the installations and use of renewable energies.
– Maximum flexibility in the size of the homes (2, 3 and 4 bedrooms) to adapt to real demand.