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The Industry of Knowledge and Applied Technology (ICTA) sector in Euskadi constitutes a competitive advantage to accelerate the transformation of companies, territory and society with the aim of positioning Euskadi in the New Economy.

The new cluster GAIA is created with the intention of promoting this transformation through the opportunities at regional and international level to generate wealth.


contact person

Jokin Garatea


Electronics, ICT, Consulting and Engineering


11 workers + 250 Companies


Paseo Uribitarte 3, 3º

48001 Bilbao


+ 34 943 316 666


The vision to use Photovoltaics (PV) as a decentralized and sustainable source of energy in their products is shared by thousands of designers, architects and manufacturers world-wide. In principle PV can be integrated directly in products, such as devices, vehicles and buildings.

Nowadays the development of photovoltaic modules is still primarily driven by the idea of economies of scales which leads to unvaried PV modules that are only good for large-area installations. These photovoltaic modules are not suitable for the integration into building skins, roof tiles or electric devices because of their rigidness and their electrical constraints.

The project addresses these obstacles by the development of novel solar cell materials, manufacturing processes and supportive actions to improve communication in the design value chain.


The BIO-DOMO Model is an integral package of technological solutions that allows the recreation of one or several artificial ecosystems that, through the combination of climatic conditions, allows the potential on the application of different technologies of cultivation and transformation of different vegetable and horticultural varieties.

In this sense, this recreation allows the realization of testing activities (model LIVING LAB) for the conservation of scenarios / habitats that exist in a certain location, avoiding the negative impact on crops on the ground and allowing micro-scale testing.