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The Createlli team are experts in Citizen participation and stakeholder management. Createlli has the methodology and tools to help cities from start to finish in building smart and supported projects. We ensure that, through the right process design and synergy of physical and digital working methods, we involve various groups of citizens, policy staff, civil society such as schools, institutions, activist groups and companies in a constructive participation process.


Createlli offers flexible, tailor-made services complementary to its customers, with a diverse team with backgrounds in architecture, technology, IT, communication, urban design, energy, landscape and technology. Createlli is constantly innovating through international R&D in the areas of smart city tools for participation, climate, sound, gender equality and working with youth, with projects and publications in countries like Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, France and Germany.





contact person

Iratxe Lupiola Ezkurra


Citizen participation, stakeholder & process management


3 offices, staff of 9


C/ Barroeta Aldamar 6,

48001 BILBAO


+ 34 667 026 140


The city of Getxo is known for its sports program. It was “European Capital City of Sports” in 2014 and won a prize for “ACES Europe Certification: Best Sports City” in 2015. Getxo also has an Urban Development Plan – Plan Estrategia Getxo 2020. The reason for this project is the renovation of the sports center, but the ambition goes further: with this project Getxo wants to bridge the gap between the sports program and the Estrategia Getxo 2020 program. The concrete goals of this project are therefore:

  • Renovate and integrate with the environment the sports complex.
  • Beyond sports, provide a good and healthy life.
  • Use the Fadura Sport Park as a living lab where new technologies stimulate the sporting experience and quality of life in the city.

      For this objective the users and residents of Getxo had to be fully involved, supporting the project and agreeing in the view for the future of the city. Involving a broad variety of users and stakeholders, bringing them together for a deep understanding of needs and opportunities, and tackling the issues in a collaborative manner was the key to a successful and sustainable revitalization project. Through digital and face-to-face  participation we stimulated stakeholders, created a living passion for sports and innovative activities and, at the end, built the city around the power of a community.